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Artist of the week

Get To Know One Of Our Local Artists

Hi, I am Karla, a local artist that has been selling my work at Enchanted Gifts for about 4 years.  We have many local artists that sell their work in our store.  Each week I will introduce you to one of them and highlight their art. Continue reading below to meet our artist of the week.

Artist of the Week: Meet The Team

Granny V's Unexpected Treasures

Greetings!  My name is Vicki and I am the creative owner of Granny V’s Unexpected Treasures.

As a child I was drawn to Nature, Wild and all things some consider “Old Ways”.  Early on, after much suffering, came the discovery that I was allergic to Eggs. More specifically the yolk and all things containing Sulfa. This has been a life-sentence of restrictive Nutritional and Medicinal options.

I have taught myself how to adjust many recipes. But my connection and love for the outdoors has led me to a path of Natural Medicines and Skin Care options. I grow what I can, always adding more as my knowledge too, grows.

Nature is My Cathedral and foraging for Her Treasures is the most Spiritual thing I have ever done.  There is no way to convey the love and respect that I put into creating, not only medicines but my Arts and Crafts as well!

After many years of healing myself, family and friends– Everyone has pushed me to follow this path so that I can share my knowledge and passion with others. So after some unexpected events in my life, I decided to turn it all into a Treasure and officially opened this business in 2021. 

I am not a Doctor. I do know what has worked for me. I trust Nature. I love research, challenges and feeding my brain.

My products are the most clean and natural options I can possibly offer. My Art will always be hand-made and one of a kind.  All containers will be of high quality and can be re-cycled or up-cycled. You will receive great products, Knowledge and an Unexpected Treasure every time!

Every Day is an Unexpected Treasure, 

Treat it with Grace and You too, will find Many Blessings!

Contact Info 

Facebook - Granny V's Unexpected Treasures

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Artist of the Week: Projects
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Artist of the Week: Projects
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